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Puppy Protection Act Dropped

Puppy Protection Act Dropped
April 27, 2002

The American Kennel Club is pleased to report that the House-Senate Farm Bill Conference has taken very positive action and agreed to drop the PPA from the final bill.
The AKC opposed the Puppy Protection Act because no hearings were held, no debate occurred, and no opportunities were offered to discuss puppy protection issues and enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act. These issues deserve extensive study so effective and enforceable resolutions can be proposed. This must be done through normal legislative procedures and the AKC will gladly take a leadership role in that process.
The House-Senate Conference agreement comes as a result of the hard work by dog fanciers across the country who responded to AKC's numerous calls to action since this issue first arose in October 2001. Responsible breeders nationwide let their members of Congress know that the PPA was bad public policy and would weaken the Animal Welfare Act rather than improve it.
The AKC worked directly with conferees in both the House and Senate to explain the shortcomings of the PPA. Numerous meetings on the Hill and letters and phone calls to the conferees helped achieve our goal.
The Conference Report now goes to the House and Senate for final approval before being presented to the President.

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