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Taken: The Life Of A Pup

by Michelle Tadaki

          My siblings were slowly disappearing, it was happening right before my eyes. Strangers would come and look at us, sometimes they would just leave, and other times they would leave with one of my brothers or sisters. Where did they go? What happens to them? Will I see them again? Why was this happening?

          I knew my time was coming soon. There were just a few of us left. I often wondered what it would be like - leaving the barn, my mother, my father and the rest of my siblings. Would life be better or worse than living in the barn?

          Then it happened, a woman came. She looked like a nice lady. I ran to her, she picked me up, cuddled me, and looked at my belly.  She pet my Mommy and said “Sorry…”, and my Mommy wagged her tail.  She took me to her car and showed me to three little girls. They seemed so excited, that made me feel very happy. From that moment I knew that my time had arrived, I would be leaving the barn and my family. For some reason, I was not frightened at all. In fact, I had a warm feeling come over me.

          This was in the hot summer; the weather was very warm. I was just seven weeks old. The woman and her daughters brought me home. When we get there, I realize that I will be living indoors. Me, a hunting dog, this is going to be fun! What's this I smell? A big fuzzy thing with a long tail! Heh! Heh! Heh! Wait till I…woe! That's a big cat! It may not be as fun as I thought. I better be careful around her. Oh no, here she comes! Whack! Whack! Ha! Ha! No claws! Well, it won't be so bad after all.

          It feels a little cooler in here than it is outside. The ground is a lot softer too. I have a lot more places to hide than in the barn. A fresh bowl of water, all the food I can eat. A nice soft, warm bed to sleep in. I think I can adjust to living indoors. But where do I go to the potty? Anywhere…I guess, I'll go here. Oops! I guess not, that nice lady is telling me no, no. She takes me outside and walks me around. I guess I still have to go outside to use the potty, I think.

          The mom is really nice, the very next thing she does is gives me a bath (several times that first day.) The daughters get so excited when I'm around them, yet I sense that they are afraid at the same time. How can that be? They are so much bigger that I am. I just have to show them that they have no reason to fear me. I'll just have to show them how lovable I can be.

          The dad is pretty mean (at least he acts that way.) I guess he has to be the enforcer since the daughters and I walk all over the mom. She's such a pushover, I'm glad the daughters taught me that trick. All we have to do is give her 'the look' and she's putty in our hands. So, I don't blame the dad for being the strict one. At least we all have someone we can run to and get shielded from him. It can get pretty hilarious at times when the dad tries to scold the girls and he has to walk away and laugh or smile so they can't see him. I bet he does that to me too.

          The leaves are starting to change colors on the trees - That very large cat doesn't seem so big now; I'm almost as long as she is. She's a pushover, I can pin her down and all she does is whine. The dad or mom always takes her side. That's not very fair! Oh well, I guess the puss is a wuss. I learned that if I don't eat that dry stuff they try to feed me, the mom feels sorry for me and hands me table scraps. Yummy, I think I'll do that from now on. Who needs that dry stuff when I can get home cooked meals?

          The mom and dad alternate taking me outside for walks pretty often. I think they are trying to tell me something. Whenever I go potty in the grass they say "Good girl Anna Bell".

          It has been very cold in the mornings when I go out – That not so large cat (Kiki) seems even smaller. The daughters seem less afraid of me. The mom loves me so much. I love her too. The dad is only mean to me when I go to the potty in the house. I love the dad’s cooking; I don’t want to eat anything else! I hear the mom and dad saying the veterinarian says it’s bad for me…I don’t care! I feel really comfortable here; I love my new family.

          There is white cold stuff on the ground – Kiki is so small now; I can pin her down with no problem. Mom and Dad are starting to scold me for harassing her. The daughters are over their fear now; I can do anything to them. They love me, I can tell. Dad still scolds me for going to the potty in the house. Mom is starting to scold me too. I can’t help it…it ‘s just too cold outside, why don’t they understand? I’d like to see them go to the potty out there. Dad always says “Some hunting dog.” This makes Mom laugh. They try not to feed me any table scraps, but I always win with ‘the look’, they fall for it every time.

          The Family put a tree in the house that has toys for me on it, Mom says “no no” when I try to take them off – I’m getting comfortable going outside to go to the potty; this makes Mom and Dad very happy. The happier they are the more scraps I get. I’m training them real well. Heh! Heh! I love this place! I guess I won’t see my real Mother, Father, and siblings again. You know…I don’t miss them, I have a real family here. Beats living in the barn. Air conditioning, heat, carpeting, and a warm cozy bed to curl up in. I don’t have to wonder if life will be worse than living in the barn, it’s much better here. I just hope my brothers and sisters are as lucky as I am.

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