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by Donald "Doc" Skinner, VMD

          Time like water can be thought of as tasteless, odorless and colorless. Is it man's attempt to accurately measure the relationship of one event to another forming the embryo of history?

          Native Americans measured time by the cycle of the moon, realizing that the time between full moons was relatively constant. Crops were planted at various stages of the moon to increase productivity.

          The point being that man can bend time to fit the parameters of the occasion and he can modify it by his physical senses.

          Is time tasteless if you stop at a Dunkin Donuts to rehash what was an enjoyable hunt?

          Is it odorless if the family pet sitting faithfully at your feet, envelops you in a gaseous blanket of methane?

          Is it colorless when at the end of day, gun in hand, dog by your side, you watch the orange sun sink below the horizon of frozen corn stubble?

          When the run is at a loss and no dog wants to be a hero, each minute seems like an eternity.

          When you would like to get a quick run before leaving for a special occasion and they can't jump a rabbit, the minute hand has wings.

          The fact is that no matter how exact man has established what is known as time, the mind can turn it into putty whose pliancy is at the mercy of the intensity of his senses.

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