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Top 10 Female Beagle Names

One of the best parts about bringing home a new Beagle puppy is picking a name. Choosing a name for your dog is a lot of fun but it can also be challenging because you want to find something that she will be able to learn easily that also suits her personality. If you are looking for ideas for what to name your female Beagle, consider the top 10 most popular female Beagle names listed below:

  1. Abby – Short for Abigail, the name Abby brings to mind a playful pup with a bright, loving personality and that is exactly what the Beagle is. Any Beagle would be lucky to have this name.
  2. Autumn – This name brings to mind the third season of the year when the leaves start to turn brown and the world prepares for winter. This is the season that Beagles love most because it is the best time of year for hunting!
  3. Bella – The name “Bella” is Italian for “beautiful” and it is an apt description of the Beagle breed. These little dogs are beautiful inside and out so it is incredibly fitting to give them a name that describes their personality.
  4. Molly – This name is perfect for a friendly, down-to-earth dog like the Beagle. It also brings to mind big female personalities like the Unsinkable Molly Brown and the lovely actress Molly Ringwald.
  5. Lucy – The name “Lucy” translates from the old English for “light”. This name also brings to mind the lovable, goofy Lucille Ball and it is certainly a name befitting a dog like the Beagle who often has a bit of a clownish side. On its own, the name Lucy has a classic elegance as well.
  6. Sadie – This name comes from the name Sarah and both of these names mean “Princess,” a title befitting the lovely Beagle. The name Sadie also conjures a picture of a bright, spunky personality.
  7. Maggie – The name “Maggie” translates from the Greek word for “pearl” and it is a fitting name because Beagles are just as precious as pearls. It also doesn’t hurt that the name Maggie appears in a famous Rod Stewart song!
  8. Roxy – This name translates from the Persian for “dawn” or “bright”. It is a lovely name befitting the Beagle because your pup will be the first thing you want to see each morning!
  9. Chloe – This lovely name has Grecian origins and it has often been translated to mean “love”. There couldn’t be a better name for a breed as loving as the Beagle.
  10. Zoey – The name Zoey is absolutely adorable on its own but then you must also consider that it translates from the Greek word for “Life”. Beagles are nothing if not full of life and love!

After reviewing these top 10 female Beagle names you may have a better idea of what you want to name your own Beagle. Whether you choose one of the names from this list or come up with something on your own, choose wisely because your Beagle will carry her name for the rest of her life!

Photo credit: Amy Marbach/Flickr

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