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by Todd R. Bromley

          Electronic training collars have really increased in popularity during the 1990’s. There are now many companies offering a variety of products to the Beagle trainer. This popularity has not come overnight, the pioneers in this industry took years to develop the quality products that they now offer.

          Tri-Tronics is one such company. Located in Tucson, Arizona the company was started in 1968 with less than 10 employees. Tri-Tronics began selling the A-1 remote trainer that delivered one high level electrical stimulation. The company worked hard to produce 75 units per month. Over thirty years later and still on the leading edge, the company now has 110 employees and produces over 10,000 units per month.

          Tri-Tronics offers several collars that are compatible to the Beagle enthusiast. The SportsmanField 70, andTrashbreaker Ultra are all capable training tools for the Beagle trainer. However, they do market the Beagler that is designed specifically with the Beagle trainer in mind. The Beagler comes in a one, two, or three-collar unit. You can expect to pay around $350.00 for a one- collar unit, $530.00 for a two-collar unit, and $715.00 for a three-collar unit. The Beagler represents about 10% of the companies over all sales.

          In February of last year I was sent a Two-collar Beagler and must admit I was quite impressed. With the two-collarBeagler you receive one seven inch cylinder type transmitter with a seven inch rubber-flex antenna, Two receivers with collar straps (one yellow one green), two collar battery chargers, one transmitter battery charger, a hard plastic carrying case, and an owners manual. The collar is turned on and off at the transmitter. The transmitter is capable of producing 10 levels of momentary and 5 levels of continuous stimulation, out to a one- mile range. The transmitter is also equipped with a toggle switch so you can easily switch from one collar to the other. Each collar has an LED located on the front so you can easily tell when the collar has been activated/deactivated, stimulation is being applied, or the batteries are low.

          The real test began when I strapped them on the hounds. I wore them on hounds’ everyday for 90 days to test their durability. Through deep snow and ice, to water and mud, they with stood everything my hounds could dish out. I never had one problem with the entire unit. The unit is also very user friendly with no unnecessary switches or buttons, making it very easy to operate with or without gloves on. Recharging the unit is also very simple.

          The only complaint I have is that the transmitter is a little large and doesn’t fit into your pocket comfortably. I think each unit should come with a transmitter holster for easier carrying. Some of the dog suppliers and warehouses offer holsters to you for free if you purchase the collar through them. You can also purchase them through one of the many sporting goods catalogs. At a minimum of $350.00 per one- collar unit, I think it would be a nice gesture if a holster were included in the package. The bottom line is, if you are looking for a well built, easy to use, rugged, dependable collar that will withstand anything your hounds can dish out, you won’t be disappointed with the Beagler from Tri-Tronics.

          Tri-Tronics is also a strong supporter of the Beagle fraternity. Sponsoring and donating to many local and regional events as well as supporting many national events such as, the UKC Hunting Beagle National Championship, National Beagle Club Triple Challenge, The UKC Eliminator, AKC International Beagle Hare Futurity, ARHA Little Pack World Hunt, and the AKC Large Pack National Championship.

          Tri-Tronics would also like to emphasize that it’s regular input from active dog trainers that has caused their products to be successful. They would like to hear from Beagle trainers on how to improve their line of Beagle products. If you have any comments or suggestions about their Beagle products or any other questions pertaining to their products, You can call their customer service department at 1-800-456-4343 or online at

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