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The Warriors of Yesterday and Today

by Mark and Matthew Duncan

Daniel Boone, Davy Crocket, George Patton, Teddy Roosevelt, Sgt. York, Audy Murphy and Carlos Hathcock, all were war heroes of the past that gave us the great country that we live in today. Praised, honored and decorated as heroes that kept America free, these brave Americans had one thing in common. They were hunters and shooters whose skills were utilized in a time of war.
These men were not natural born killers, but average, everyday people with a fondness for the hunting and shooting sports. Except to put food on the table, their talents were overlooked until they were needed to protect our country.
A few people in society would look down on these men, viewing them as rather primitive. Most of these men were just common country people, the type that the Hollywood elite would make a movie about to make a profit, but not they type of people they would ask to a social function. But in a time of war, suddenly this talent with a gun becomes greatly appreciated. Yes, even by the most anti-gun people in the United States.
Now we have different problems. The Gulf War taught us that battles could be won with smart bombs and cruise missiles, state of the art technology that was the "Gulf War", not the new war, which began September 11, 2001. This new war began when cowardly terrorists changed all of our lives forever. The new style of warfare will not only change our lives, but the way battles will be fought.
This new enemy has no forts, no battle ships, and no uniformed army to fight. They are more like a covey of quail, hiding in the bushes. Once again our ground troops will probably be needed to flush out the likes of bin Laden and all of his many cell groups located all over the world. We can't accomplish this with air strikes and missiles only.
It's very possible that we may need the same talents that so many of our previous war heroes had. The same skills they learned as kids target shooting and hunting. A skill that can't just be put in a locker, only to be pulled out in a time of need. This is the very reason that the NRA was started, to improve our soldier's marksmanship skills.
There are many talented heroes in the world today. Tiger Wood can do great things with a golf club, but that's not going to be of much value in a time of war. While his skills are appreciated by most of society, most of the time, most of the names listed at the beginning of this article were only appreciated because they had the ability to defend us.
While anti-gun issues aren't the focus of the tragedies of September 11, it is important to remember that if we didn't have the freedom and the right to bear arms, then many talented people would not have been able to own guns. And without the right to own guns, many Americans would not have been able to hone their skills and talents as shooters and hunters.
Let's make one thing perfectly clear, our armed forces do a great job of training and producing great soldiers, and you certainly don't have to be a hunter to make a great soldier or a great shot. But I doubt we would see such greatness out of Tiger Wood if he had just started golfing at age 18.
So the next time you see a parent and child out target shooting or hunting in the field, just remember many of our war heroes started the same way. And these may be the same Americans that will be called upon to rid our world of a coward who sends people on suicide missions. A coward that obviously isn't willing to strap himself to a missile but uses innocent, brain washed maniacs to achieve his own personal goals.
Yes, our Second Amendment freedoms are misused at times, but that's like all of our freedoms. Any of them can be misused and are. But that's the price of freedom. That's the problem...freedom isn't free, it never has been and never will be.

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