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What The Antis Are Up To

by Bob Kane

          Time is running out. Running out due to our own apathy and failure to become involved. The Animal Rights movement is gaining significant ground to deprive you of your age-old rights to interact with animals. That’s right, everything from enjoying a dinner of your choice to enjoying the comfort and companionship of a pet. At stake is your right to take your children and grandchildren hunting and fishing, to let them see the newborn colt lying in the grass next to his mother, or for that matter just to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon at the zoo with them. Animal Rights organizations have organized and become well funded. They are now a significant force on the political landscape. And what have we done? Most of us are not even aware of what these people stand for.

          Did you know that the Animal Rights movement regards the rights of animals above human rights?

          While expounding on the rights of animals, Peter Singer, recognized as the father of the Animal Rights movement, stated that human societies should kill retarded infants and incapacitated elderly members of society and that mainstream Christianity is a "problem."

          Did you know that the Animal Rights movement regards violence and terrorism as viable methods to bring about change to their way of thinking?

          "Every social justice movement has embraced violence and every successful social justice movement has utilized violent tactics to achieve their goals. I don't think it is possible without that. I think we have to quit waiting until everyone is behind us before we embrace new tactics." - Jerry Vlasak, Animal Defense League

          Volkert van der Graaf is charged with murdering Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn. Van der Graaf is a vegan animal rights activist who as a teenager founded a branch of the Animal Liberation Front and had spent his adult life fighting animal agriculture in court.

          PETA founder and president Ingrid Newkirk in a keynote address at AR2002 stated: "I stand before your this year a little baffled because I have been named by name by the State of Wisconsin as a good reason to pass their state's anti-terrorism legislation. Was it something I said? It turned out it actually was. Right here in America, formerly the land of free speech, I said that yes, I do hope that foot and mouth disease would come here."

          PETA payouts to violent radicals include:

-- $5,000 to Josh Harper, who was convicted of assaulting police and firing on a fishing vessel;

-- $2,000 to Dave Wilson, convicted of firebombing a fur cooperative;

-- $7,500 to Fran Trutt, convicted of attempted murder of a medical executive;

--$20,000 to Rodney Coronado, convicted of burning a research lab at Michigan State.

          Were this Hamas or Al Queda, the federal government would have long ago taken action against these people as a terrorist group.

          Did you know that the Animal Rights movement supports ideas far from the mainstream of American ideals? Peter Singer, father of the animal rights movement has gone as far as to provide a qualified defense of sex between humans and non-human animals.

          Did you know that the Animal Rights movement considers all uses of domesticated animals to be wrong?

Rutgers law professor Gary Francione and Fund for Animals legal director Lee Hall have gone as far as to label the provision of guide dogs for the blind as an "abominable practice".

          Biomedical research as a whole is facing a well-financed, multi-faceted and sophisticated offensive designed to stop all use of laboratory animals in basic, disease and injury research, pharmaceutical R&D and safety testing.

          Rather than advocate for humane treatment of non-human animals, Francione and Hall argue for essentially a complete separation and end all contact between humans and animals (except, perhaps, where humans are simply unnoticed observers).

          Gary Francione: "If, however, we did accord animals this one right, not to be treated as property, we would be committed to abolishing and not merely regulating animal exploitation because our uses of animals for food, experiments, product testing, entertainment, and clothing all assume that animals are nothing but property. If we accepted that animals have the right not to be treated as our property, we would stop--completely--bringing domestic animals into existence."

          Did you know that the activities of Animal Rights groups are being stepped up on all fronts?

          At AR2002 convention a common focus of the panels and workshops was on developing new coalitions and alliances, manipulating the political and legal systems to achieve activist objectives, and framing the campaign for animal rights within a broader social justice movement.

          PETA spokesman Andrew Butler claimed that activists showed up at 300 March of Dimes WalkAmerica fundraising events in the past year. He discussed PETA's tactic of visiting local chapters of charities such as the March of Dimes, the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association, that can be pressured directly and, he believes, more effectively than the national headquarters of those charities. Butler also noted PETA's use of billboards, letters to newspapers and leafleting to raise local public and media awareness of PETA's ongoing campaign against health charities.

          Claiming that "opponents" are better organized than the animal rights movement now and are in control of the political landscape in every state, activist Julie Lewin, National Institute for Animal Advocacy said, "We are squandering our potential by not being organized," and not having "an accountability system" in place for politicians. Lewin said that full-time lobbyists need to be placed in every state capital and statewide databases need to be established of legislative voting records and animal rights-interested voters by district. To support her point, Lewin offered this axiom: "A politically organized minority on an issue can drive public policy on that issue because every politician knows that a politically organized minority can swing elections."

          Did you know that unless you begin, right now, to become involved in this fight you will surely lose the right to:

Enjoy a steak dinner (Vegans don’t eat meat, cheese, eggs or fish)

Hunt & Fish

Raise livestock on your farm or ranch

Buy clothes made of any type of animal product

Avail yourself of lifesaving medical discoveries that involved animal testing

Reach over and pet your favorite cat or dog

Obtain a guide dog if you are blind

Live in safety knowing that you disagree with the Animal Rightist concept

          The Sportsmen’s and Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance (SAOVA) is helping in this fight. We have formed political coalitions across the United States working toward the election of individuals who believe, as you and I do, that the humane enjoyment of animals is our right. SAOVA urges you to become involved, investigate the voting record of your local representatives and let them know your feelings on this matter. And if they ignore your concerns then VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE.

          SAOVA is working to do just that. Our grass roots level organization has been active in questioning and evaluating the answers of those running for political office in all of the states. We have been successful in helping to defeat some of the country’s biggest Animal Rightist supporters in this year’s primaries and look forward to similar success on November 5, 2002. It’s important that you inform yourself of candidates’ positions and agendas. If you are interested in participating in this fight visit http://saova.organd review our endorsements and contribution suggestions. There you will find the results of our analysis of both incumbent candidates running for re-election to Washington, as well as new candidates for such office. It’s crucial that you vote for and financially support those candidates willing to fight this spreading menace. Help us help the candidates who will fight for our age-old heritage.

          Please share this message with your friends, neighbors and relatives. Thank you.

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