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You Know You're Having A Bad Day When...

by Rick Giermata      

During the week between Christmas and New Years I had the opportunity to hunt with several Beaglers from NY, PA, and MI. We hunted from Central Pa. To North Western NY and all points in between. Well some days were better than others, but what strikes me funny is that on this particular week some of the comments that were made during the " not so good" days stand out in my mind and make me smile. I'm sure that if you ever had " a not so good day" you can relate to this. For those of you that haven't had the pleasure, after you read this you too will know your having a bad day when………

The most agreeable comment is "Boy the charge on my shock collar sure does last".

Your hunting partner say's " My dog never ran trash before this ".

You shoot a box of shells and still have an empty game bag.

The deer run was the best run so far.

The rabbit is running South and your pack is full cry North.

The best thing that happened was the day ended.

          Now I'm not saying that these were the high points of the week. All of us had a great time funnin and gunnin. I'm sure every one has a few good memories of a hard check, a solid drive, and a great shot. But when you run with this bunch no one's looking for top dog, more like the top insult. Well after the boy's read this one I'm sure that they will admit defeat! The one thing I do know is I wouldn't want it to be any other way. Its weeks like this that makes memories that will make all of us laugh for years to come.


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