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Rabbit Hunting

Training Your Beagle to Hunt

Dedicated hunters are always seeking out a dog that will be a terrific hunting buddy. This dog should be the perfect combination of companion and hunter’s assistant. The good news is that many hunters don’t have to look any further. The Beagle is the true working hunting dog that will follow directions and be by your side when needed. Many dog owners prefer to raise their Beagle from a pup so that training begins at a young age, while others welcome an adult dog that is eager to learn the ways of hunting. Beagles have a natural hunting instinct. Many may say they are born that way.

Why We Hunt

by  Dave Fisher

          How long have we been reading, thinking, or even writing about hunting?  Most of us can’t even remember; it just sort of happened.  Many of us simply grew up in hunting or fishing families and it has always been a way of life.  Others came about it because of close contact with a friend or loved one.  Still others began hunting simply because it was a curious notion and some long past force pulling at them.

The New Hunting Season

by Robert L. Mason

            The new rabbit-hunting season and the onset of wintry weather arrived hand-in-hand in Kentucky.  With the rabbit season having been moved to November 1, the cold air mass and the rainy days that preceded it could hardly have been more welcome for area rabbit hunters and their hounds. 

Hunting the American Dream

By Amy Benfer

June 11, 2002  |  Ted Nugent would make a good cult leader. He's got all the ingredients: charisma, fame in a popular art form, a highly articulate and highly singular worldview and a badass public persona. Also, the man is heavily armed.

The Brush-Pile Dog

by Robert L. Mason

          Among the celebrated specialists of Beagledom, few hounds have enjoyed a more richly-deserved place of honor, than have the genuine brush-pile dogs.  Courageous little canines, adept at worming their way through the dark maze of an all but impenetrable brush pile, these worthy little hounds are highly prized wherever men love hounds and hunting.

Getting Ready For Bows And Bunnies

by Chuck Goodall

          As I sit here in front of my PC, nothing seems very important after 9-11-2001 a day we all remember to well. Anything I write about seems so trivial at times like these! My thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of all the victims in NY and DC!

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