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Gundog Beagle and Rabbit Hunting Books

Whether you are already a Beagler or just wanting to get involved with the sport of Beagling and rabbit hunting, this page is full of the information you will need. These books can not be found in your local pet stores or libraries and that is why I have gathered all of these resources onto one page. You can do an online search on the internet and find used copies throughout the country. I will add books to this list as good ones come available or I find out about on older, out-of-print book on the subject of Gundog Beagles and/or Rabbit/Hare Hunting.
by Dave FisherThis is a great book about dogs and the adventures of rabbit hunting! It's Dave's second major book on the subject, and took several years of work and hunting to compile! Dave Fisher is a nationally known outdoor writer. 
by Dave Fisher
The first book about real, down to earth rabbit hunting since 1949! This book contains many actual hunting stories, facts about the cottontail himself, and of course, basic information on puppy training and general care of your hunting hound."It has been a long time since anyone took on the task of writing about rabbits and hounds in a thorough manner... I really like the book. Dave Fisher writes about his own experiences and tempers them with heavy doses of common sense and balanced views of hunting wildlife." -- Bill McClure in American Hunter magazine.
Dave is one of the all-time experts on rabbit hunting with gundog Beagles. Read all about great rabbit hunts with memories that last a lifetime, and get lots of tips on rabbit hunting with your gundog Beagles. Dave is a well published outdoor writer and a hard core rabbit hunter. In fact, he is known worldwide as 'The Rabbit Guy'. You can read many of Dave's very informative articles right here on BEAGLES UNLIMITED.
by Bill Bennett"If you're the owner of a beagle puppy with hunting potential, Bill Bennet has written a book that should be required reading" -- Larry Rea in the Memphis Commercial Appeal
"Bill Bennet's affection for his breed and his enthusiasm for hunting and outdoor life are obvious throughout this well written book" -- Patricia Bennet Hoffman in The Cannine Companion
"I give this book a big 10 for readability and understandability. I give it a hardy thumbs up for being paced so that it is fun to read" -- Robert Forner in Small Pack Option magazine
Bill is one of the all-time experts on training gundog Beagles. Learn about puppy selection, obedience training, rabbit tracking training, and hunting your gundog Beagles. Bill is a well published outdoor writer and a hard core rabbit hunter. You can read many of Bill's very informative articles right here on BEAGLES UNLIMITED.
by Rev. John Parks
You don't have to get a note from your mother or permission from your doctor. You don't need a password or a secret handshake. You'll join a host of satisfied Beaglers who will welcome you, and your hounds will rejoice.John is one of the all-time experts on breeding gundog Beagles. Learn about genetics, selection, heredity, and just about anything else to do with breeding Beagles. John has written articles for nearly every Beagle magazine imaginable. You can read many of John's very informative articles right here on BEAGLES UNLIMITED. 
by Robert L. MasonDo You Want Superhounds?
Would you like to put your Beagles on the fast track? Want speedy hounds with unerring noses who always produce results? Are your hounds canine detectives who can ferret out a scent, no matter what the field conditions or terrain? Do you long to hear that spine tingling cry that slices across a field or ripples down a hillside?Then what you want is a superhound... a dog upon whom old-timers bestowed their highest compliment... "that's a natural born rabbit dog". It's the kind of dog your Dad or Grandpa recalled with such pride... the kind of Beagle that lingers in your memory forever.
Well, kick off your shoes, pull up a chair and prepare to be enthralled! Houndsman Robert L. Mason will tell you what constitutes greatness in a rabbit hound and how you can have your own superhound. He'll tell you how to train young Beagles, cure faults, care for and breed the best and become a more effective hunter. This master storyteller will take you along on his hunts and allow you to share his triumphs and failures.
You'll want to keep this book close. It's some of the most exciting writing ever on America's favorite hunting breed! 
by Tom Dornin
This book draws upon the knowledge of Tom and Velta Dornin who dared to breed and raise hunting Beagles when the fad was toward slower "Walkie-Talkie" AKC Brace and Small Pack trial hounds. The Dornins, along with a few others, saved the Beagle as a hunting breed and kept it from going the way the Irish Setter did in the bird dog world. Tom and Velta drew upon 146 years collectively of personal experience in breeding and raising hunting Beagles. This book is a collector's item.

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