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Rabbit Hunting and Gundog Beagle Field Trialing Magazines


Better Beagling Magazine Better Beagling Magazine is published monthly by Ralph and Sarah Harrington and has been published since 1978. It is an all-color magazine that contains information about rabbit/hare hunting, AKC SPO and AKC LP, and Gundog Brace Field Trials and results. There are articles about rabbit hunting, beagle health, kennels owners, and different beagle features with excellent
photography. This is one of several magazines that I write for, and I would recommend it for anyone interested in rabbit hunting, Beagling with gundog beagles, or highly competitive gundog beagle field trials. You can view a digital sample copy on their website at and they will send a sample copy for $5. This is by far the best Beagle and Rabbit Hunting magazine on the market today!
Subscription Rates:
One year...............$30.00
Two years............$54.00
Canadian orders are $49.00 per year (U.S. Funds)
Outside the US and Canada orders are $110.00 per year (U.S. Funds)
You can order the magazine from the following information:
Better Beagling P.O. Box 10, Cambridge, NY 12816
Phone: 518-677-5969
Fax: 518-677-5969
E-mail: [email protected]

The American Beagler magazine is published monthly and has been around since my good friend Bev Saunders started it in 2001. Currently the magazine is owned by Mike and Janie Riddenhour of Missouri. The American Beagler covers all aspects of the care, conditioning and training of the best rabbit dogs in the world - Beagles. If you enjoy reading rabbit hunting stories, and/or like to keep up on American Kennel Club (AKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC) field trialing news, then this is a good all-around Beagle and rabbit hunting magazine.
Subscription Rates
One year..............$24.00
Two years............$44.00
Three years...........$60.00
You can order the magazine from the following information:
The American Beagler P.O. Box 957 Belle, MO 65013
Phone: 573-859-6866
Fax 573-859-6867
Email: [email protected]

Hounds and Hunting Magazine is published monthly and has been in existence since 1903. It contains nearly all Beagle Field Trial Information, Field Trial Results, and some various Beagling Articles. The magazine deals exclusively with AKC Beagle Field Trials and covers all five types: Brace, Small Pack, Gundog Brace, Small Pack Option, and Large Pack on Hare. This magazine is a good Beagling magazine, but you must be careful if purchasing a hound from one of its advertisers. The caution is because the Hounds & Hunting magazine has many hounds in it that are bred as AKC Brace and AKC Small Pack type trial hounds. If you are looking for a hunting beagle, you would be very disappointed if you purchased one of these dogs that are called "Walkie-Talkie Beagles". Other than this one Walkie-Talkie Beagle caution, I would highly recommend this magazine to any Beagler. They will send you a trial copy of the magazine for $3.
Subscription Rates:
One year...............$20.00
Two years............$36.00
Three years..........$52.00
Canadian rates: $50.00 per year (U.S. funds)
Other foreign call for rates
You can order the magazine from the following information:
Hounds & Hunting Magazine P.O. Box 231, Lexington, IN 47138
Phone 812-889-2400
Fax 812-889 2500
Email: [email protected]

The Rabbit Hunter Magazine is published monthly by The American Rabbit Hound Association (ARHA). The ARHA-NKC is one of the fastest growing registry and field trial associations for rabbit hounds in America. With 170 clubs nationwide, the ARHA-NKC sanctions field trials for Beagles. All beagles are eligible for registry with the ARHA-NKC. Their field trials are divided into divisions which feature all the different running styles of rabbit hounds. Fast tracking hounds compete in Little Pack and Big Pack. Medium speed hounds compete in Progressive Pack, and the slow tracking (Walkie-Talkie) hounds compete in Gundog Pack and Gundog Brace. If you are looking for a hunting Beagle, you would be very disappointed if you purchased one of these dogs that are called "Walkie-Talkie Beagles". They also have bench competitions at their hunts which are judged on the hound's conformation to the breed standard.
Subscription Rates:
One year...............$23.50 ($28.50 for one year Outside the United States)
Two years............$43.00
You can order the magazine from the following information:
The Rabbit Hunter PO BOX 777 Sesser, IL 62884
Phone: (800) 851-7507
Email: [email protected]

The information on this page is current as of 06/07/2012. Hope this information is helpful to anyone interested in the great sports of Beagling and rabbit hunting.

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