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Two New Pups

by Jered Olds

          Hello everyone! My name is Jered Olds. I just received two male puppies, which I plan on training. I named them TK and Mike. They just turned 12 weeks old today. I got them when they turned 6 weeks old. TK is the bigger of the two. Mike is sort of a runt. TK is showing interest in trying to learn. He will fetch and come when I call him. Mike on the other hand, is not showing interest in fetching or listening to me period.

          I am trying to go by the chart I printed off this site. It sounds like a good plan to me. Mike, the small one, has his nose to the ground all the time. TK is just the opposite. He tries to learn. Unless something changes, he is gonna be the leader of the two.

          I carried them for a walk last week. These two little pups were like a kid in a candy store. They were into everything. We walk behind my fathers house in a disked cornfield which has woods all around. They really learned a lot on that outing. They ran their noses across everything they could. They've got a lot to learn. I've got confidence that old cottontail better look out this fall. I can't wait!

          I bought a fairly new browning shotgun just for opening day. It's a real pretty pump shotgun.

          These pups are not registered. I received them from a friend. My boss's son. I wormed them and have given them all their shots. I want them to be good and healthy the season. I plan on "roading" them at the end of the summer. For those of you who don't know what "roading" is; its when you get on a deserted road, turn your dogs loose and let them chase your vehicle for a distance. This has proven to be a great way to gradually get my dogs in shape for hunting season. Me and my dogs will be in shape before I will ever think about going to the woods. I've seen too many good dogs fall by the wayside by running out of breath and steam during the chase. And it was all because the only time they got to exercise was when they went hunting. I do not road my dogs too much during hunting season. I will start out with a very short distance. Increasing the distance every time I road them. I am not trying to brag, but I have had a few good hounds that would run circles around my buddies hounds. I admit I like hearing my friends comment on how my hounds were just flat out beating their hounds. It made me feel good about my training and my hounds.

          I have to mention one mans' name who has greatly influenced me and my father. Joe Criswell. Joe is the greatest houndsman I've ever met. He flat out knows dogs! My dad really looks up to him and my dad is a good dogman in his own right. I can't start to write enough about Joe. He trained more good coon hounds and squirrel hounds than a little bit. He has a dog kennel that is about 4 acres. I asked him did the dogs ever try to get out and what he did to keep them in. He said, "they think they are out." Joe walked all they way across the state of Tennessee , years ago to raise money for burn victims. He is a retired fireman. He is a local celebrity in the conservation field. He is almost 80 years old and gets around better than any 55 year old man I know! He has kept people from closing several of our public hunting grounds in our area and has headed groups of men to build boat ramps and handicap trails in these areas. Like I said I cant write enough about the man.

          Well I guess that's enough writing this time. I hope I did alright. This is my first time writing an article for anyone. Maybe it will be better next time. I hope I didn't bore any of you too bad. See ya in the woods.

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