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Western Jackalope

The western jackalope is a very rare animal that lives throughout the western United States. This creature is said to be a cross between a Jackrabbit and a Antelope. Legend has it that these creatures originated near a town called Douglas, Wyoming many, many years ago.
I am the owner of Mojave Desert Beagles and I both raise and hunt gundog Beagles. I use my hounds to track every type of rabbit and hare that lives throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Still today, I have not personally seen a western jackalope. Should my hounds ever run a western jackalope into my gun sights, I will once and for all prove the animal's existence by shooting and mounting one for all to see.
Above is a picture of one sent to us by a youngster that said he is an NRA member and a animal photographer. Please check back occasionally and should we "bag" one we will put a close-up photo of the taxidermist's work on this very page

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