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Wet Weather Rabbit Runs

by Emery C. Barg

          It was the middle of July in Northern Wisconsin. Temperatures this time of year average in the mid 80's. A tad bit too warm to be runnin' dogs. However, the weather man said that it was only going to be in the 60's and cloudy. It sounded like a perfect combination to give the hounds and some rabbits some exercise.

          I got on the phone and called my buddy Derald and arranged to meet him at our favorite runnin' grounds at around 7:00am. The alarm clock rang at 6:30 the next morning and I was out of bed and loading my two hounds. (Sport and Shiloh) I noticed as I went outside that the clouds looked heavy and rain was coming. I thought that if it starts to rain, I would just catch the dogs and go home.

          I got to our spot a few minutes before Derald, and turned Sport and Shiloh out. It took less than three minutes for them to get a rabbit jumped. No sooner than they jumped, it started to rain. It wasn't long and the race fizzled. I was just about to walk in and catch them when they jumped again. The race was on. Derald showed up and so did more rain. Never the less, Derald added his two hounds (Tip and Jake). It didn't take long for them to reach because Sport and Shiloh were on the end of the circle that was very close to the road. When they reached the track, the two additional voices made the small patch of woods echo even louder with that sweet music.

          The rain let up enough so we could be outside to listen to the music. Round and round they went. Never missing and a bark every step. Seemingly taking the same path over and over. I was amazed as the rain started again, this time with some force, that the dogs could hang on to the track. Even as we were sitting in our trucks with the windows up, we could hear the race each time it came close to the road.

          It was about 9:00 and I had to run home to haul my garbage to the dump. I hated to have to do this because the rain was letting up and the race was still going strong. When I returned, it was just like I never left. Same circle, same sound, all four hounds were just pounding that track. I kept thinking that they would soon be getting tired as it had been a while since they were run last.

          The race once again came close to the road. Jake and Sport popped out on the road. We caught and kenneled both of them. After two more circles by Shiloh and Tip, we decided that if there were two hounds out, why not four. So we turned Sport and Jake back in to join again. Why not.... four sound better than two.

          It was around 11:00 when the rain had completely stopped. The hounds were still going strong on the same rabbit. They had yet to make a loss for more than few seconds. I have never had a run like this before and perhaps never will again. At 11:30, Derald and I walked in to catch the dogs. Talk about wet. It may as well have kept raining as wet as we got. And talk about our State bird. Those of you who have never been to Wisconsin in the summer can not appreciate the astronomical amount of mosquito's. Unbelievable! Never the less, by noon we had all of the dogs and were back home talking about how amazed we were with the days run. We have had many runs washed out before. But today, for some reason it was different. So the next time that you are out runnin' and it starts to rain, don't be too quick to call it a day. It might just be your best day yet.

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