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  1. General Beagle Chat
    I rescued a young beagle a couple of years ago. He has been neutered, vaccinated on a regular basis and is loved and taken care of by myself and my family. He has recently, in the last two weeks, had two seizures. He gets stiff, can't walk, drools, shakes terribly and splays his toes. It...
  2. Beagle Health & Diet
    I have had beagles with stomachs of steel. This beagle, now 2 ½ has had a problem from day one with people food:(. It is the strangest thing and the vet has been of no use; granted they have not seen him in this actual state. He will have human food – even just a wee bit – and the next day he...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I've had beagles for 25 years with many amazing days hunting and running my dogs. Right now I only have one dog, a 5 year old male. He is the only beagle we've ever made a pet. He lives indoors at night, something I've never allowed, but my 8 yr old daughter loves him. He is a great dog and...
1-3 of 3 Results