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14 year old Beagle having health issues

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Our beagle is 14 yrs old, we've had her for 12 of those yrs. Up until the age of 9 she was an outgoing, vibrant, active outside dog and the last 5 yrs she has been a house dog.

For the last few years our Beagle's tail has had a lump on it and the hair has fallen out and is swollen. In the beginning , once in awhile the "lump" would bleed, but it bleeds every time we change the dressing now. We took her to a vet who said it was just a vascular tumor??? and had operated on it (she was 12 then), but the lump has come back with a vegence. The vet also cleaned her teeth while he had her under.

Now we recently took her to a new vet and he states that her teeth are rotten?? and that there is nothing he can do about the tail but to cut it off but he wouldn't do it because of her age and wouldn't know how she would take being put under.

She has an odor about her now and at first we thought it might have been her anal glands but they aren't swollen or seeping, so it's either the tail that bleeds or her teeth. But the odor can knock you over.

She also has trouble with her hind legs. they seem to be weak. She looses her footing alot and when she walks off a curb her feet come out from under her.

She wants to sleep alot, drinks water alot and her breathing is sometimes labored like she has a chest cold??
And just in the last few days she paces around so I wonder if she's in pain??

Hubby is ready to take her to be euthenized but I'm having problems with that issue.
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