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Hi, I just got a beagle at the age of 5 weeks...I know, WAY too young, but the guy who had her had to get rid of the puppies for undisclosed reasons. I went to the vet 2 days ago, and he said she was in perfect health...but had worms. Before I got her, she was given 1 dose of de-worming medication...and now, we are feeding her 3 times a day and giving her lots of water. She does however appear extremely bloated. Is it because of eating too fast? It it because of the worms? Or a possible combination of both? She's sleeping a lot, but I read that they tend to at this age, and when they have worms. The vet told us to take her in for her shots in 2 weeks as she hasn't had those yet. I'm thinking it's just the worms and the eating, but am curious as to what some others who may know more about this stuff think.


Also she has really really bad this the worms as well?



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sleepybeagle ,

It's good you had a vet check.
Puppy breathe is common.
Regular worming is something you can do at home and is needed with puppies.

Now the important part............. Puppies will over eat if you let them , and feeding 3 times a day makes it easy to over feed.
You did not say what you are feeding , however , if kibble you can moisten and give a single layer in a large flat bowl may help to slow things down.
Plenty of clean water is good. You did not say how much you are feeding , but , you may be able to cut down a little.
Try to feed a good quality kibble without filler if you can.

> Is it because of eating too fast? It it because of the worms? < Both of these can cause some bloat , the worming should help and regulating food will also. Just watch and see what happens..........

Good Luck , oldhounddog

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