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Now that summer is almost upon us, you may be thinking of taking a trip. The only catch – you can’t bring your dog with you. If boarding your dog is your only choice, has a few tips that will make the whole process go smoother.

You’re leaving town for a couple of days and can’t bring your dog along for the trip. If you don’t have trusted friends or family to leave her with, you’re best choice may be to leave put your pup in boarding. This can be a stressful situation for both you and your dog. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of questions to ask yourself and the facility before boarding a dog.

1. Have you taken a tour of the facilities? Before boarding a dog anywhere, you must tour the facilities. If they won’t let you, take that as a sign that you should get out of there as soon as you can! Make sure that the kennels are clean and spacious. You wouldn’t want your dog left in a cramped space. Always go with your gut – if you get a bad feeling about a dog boarder, don’t leave your dog there.

2. How many dogs are boarded there at one time? The dog kennel should have a limit on the number of canines it can house. Does each dog have its own unit or will there be two or more dogs in a kennel? If so, ask why – sometimes multi-dog families are kept together, but that should only account for a handful of the accommodations.
To read the complete 7 Questions To Ask When Boarding A Dog article, visit
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