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Have a nine year old beagle, we got her when she was around 2 years old. Think she was possibly abused before we got her so not sure how badly. She has always been extremely afraid of thunderstorms and as soon you raise your hand to her even just trying to pet her she cringes or lays down in the submissive position, she has slowly gotten a little better with that over the years. In the last few weeks she seems to have severely degenerated healthwise, she has always become overweight in the winter but usually has started losing the weight by now. She seems to be gaining more weight now rather than losing it and i am not sure it is just weight she seems to look bloated all over even her legs except her face which has always had the sad droopy beagle looking face except now it looks almost like her face is droopy off of her and she looks extremely sad. Some other problems that have come up in the last month are that she suddenly has had extreme trouble climbing upstairs to go to bed in our room (probably 10 or so steps to climb) when she does come up to sleep upstairs i have to help her and it takes several minutes. Usually i have to kind of help push her back end up to get up the stairs and she climbs them in a zig zag rather than straight up. She seems constantly in pain and has become agressive towards the other dogs and cats in the house if they come near here while she is laying down (which is most of the time) she will bark, growl, and snap at them. She has also started growling and barking at anytime of sound she hears in the house now. She also sits up and kind of shuffles back and forth on her front legs while sitting in place.

One more odd thing is she usually keeps to herself even when people are over, but a couple weeks ago my mom stayed at our home to pet sit while we are out of town. She said whenever she was here that she followed her everywhere she went and slept on the ground right by her because she slept on the couch while she stayed here because she felt bad and didnt want to make her go up the stairs. We have a vet appt on the 12th but that is still a week away and i just want to get an idea of what to expect going into the appt. i already know we cant afford surgery or expensive treatments for her as i have been off work a few months and just started working again this week and if she is in severe pain i dont want to keep her alive for my own selfish reasons and have the end of her life be as painful as i suspect the beginning was so any info on what you think could be going on would be appreciated. Thanks!
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