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Barney 11 year old beagle not too good

My Beagle Barney, is almost 11 (October 13). Up until last week he was super active dog, just like he was a puppy.
We started to notice that when he got up in the morning, he had some difficulty with his hind legs, wobbly for a few minutes but then was fine.
Last week, I went out in the morning to feed him and he cam running then started circling me and making the most god awful yelping sounds.
We took him to our vet and they advised us that it could be a broken vertebrae, put out his back, infection or tumour.
We brought him home and confined him. The following day he was shaking (a sign of pain) so we took him back to the vet.
He underwent X Rays and blood tests with no obvious signs of what the problem is.
The vet did advise us that he a degenerative hip problem which is common in Beagles.
He has been confined to a cage to stop movement although the cage is a good size, has a lambs wool underlay and he extremely well cared for.
He is on valium and today he starts anti inflammatories. Best case scenario, we bring him home where we can confine him and hope his issue will improve.
Worse case scenario….well, we have spoken about it at home. We dont want to put him through another operation at almost 11 years of age.
He had cancer at 5 and we were extremely fortunate that it was contained in a ball which they were able to cut out (he does not have cancer now by the way).
We understand that we should never humanise our pets and know that we will always outlast them.
So no doubt decisions have to be made and I have already cried buckets of tears.

I think your beagle is showing signs of having arthritis which I said is common in Beagles. A picture of my beautiful dog Barney

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