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Advice for getting two Beagke boy puppies

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Hi All. We are not new to having a beagle as our 14 year old boy past away last year. We are getting two boy puppies in a few weeks and not having had two before or ask been so long forgotten what puppies are like 🤔 we live in a residential area and our last beagle did sleep inside (he didn’t like his kennel and made his way to our bed 🙄) is there any advice on what we should do and use to transport even two beagles, how best to train two, or tips on best to sleep and settle them on what others may be using if you have two ?:). Trying to work out what to buy and best to use so we can best prepare. I would prefer to settle them in a kennel or cage even if it was indoors. Mmmm not sure how it could be done. Cheers C
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