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I'm at my wits end. We've had our beagle almost two years and he will pee in his dog bed and then lay in it and sleep all night! If we put him in his crate instead of letting him sleep in his bed he pees in his crate and then lays in it. I don't know why he's doing it or how to make him stop. We've gotten him several new dog beds, scrubbed floors in the room where his bed is, we've used vinegar to wash beds before replacing them and his crate is just big enough for him to turn around and lay down.
he doesn't have water after 7pm and he gets let out at 10pm before I go to bed. By the time my fiance gets home at 5am our dog is already covered in urine and sleeping in his bed. We didn't get him from a puppy mill and he wasn't ever in a crate before we got him. What else are we supposed to do? We love our dog but it's beginning to be too much for us to constantly scrub him down because he's soaked in his own urine. We have a 2 year old so we are concerned about the cleanliness problems this is causing
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