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Anal Gland Problems

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One of my pups was starting to poop this morning but he started yelping when halfway through. Somethings bothering him on his rear end. Notice him dragging his butt across the yard until he finally let out a thin poop unlike the other dogs.

I heard dog owners talking about an impacted anal sac and the need to express it sometimes.

Do you think this is the case here?
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I had to bring Dodi, my male beagle, to the vet because he was continually licking and biting his rear end. He was also leaving foul-smelling secretions wherever he had to put his backside down. Pooping was ok though. The vet had to express his anal glands and gave him an antibiotic shot. The vet said I may have to bring Dodi back for another anal sac "expression" when I observe him dragging his rear end again.
One of my pups was starting to poop this morning but he started yelping when halfway through. Somethings bothering him on his rear end. Notice him dragging his butt across the yard until he finally let out a thin poop unlike the other dogs.
I think you should bring your pet to the vet or a groomer who knows how to properly express the anal glands. If you have to wait and see, the anal glands might get infected and you'll be facing a much more serious and expensive problem.
Agreed on taking the dog to the vet. Personally, I would go to the vet first to get a diagnosis. Then let the groomers do it, they usually charge less.
You know what, I think anal sac expression is an art and I am no artist....can't figure how to do it and you bet i've tried so many times. just pay the groomer to do it now. less stress for me and my dog.
Beagle Smell

I'm wondering whether your Beagle smells like mine.;);)

I mean, I have other dogs but my beagle smells different, it's not offensive just distinct.

My friend says her Beagle smells like tortillas :rolleyes:
Well something's wrong and I too hope that you took your dog to the vet ASAP.

I have had two Beagle's with anal gland issues. My current Beagle, age 10 has to be taken to the vet twice a month to have her anal glands expressed. I questioned my vet on what might help her. No help. I did some reading & found that increased fiber may help. I have begun feeding her oatmeal in the morning every other day. I give her 1/2 cup with a small amount of milk. She is doing much better. I still have to take her to get her glands expressed; but only about once a month. She was also crying when she had to go. I have also switched dog food with a higher fiber content. I told my vet what I was doing & he did not say anything. All I know is that this has helped her!
My Peggy has to get her glands sorted every few months and it's always the right side, could it be a breed thing?
Anal Gland Expressing

The glands are use for territory marking and domestic dogs dont do that like they did. So they become impacted and infected and thats when the vet bills start.

If you have a groomer, have them show you how to do it. Its not difficult but quite smelly!, and do it in a washtup or outside. I use to do my Gilligans all the time, he even seemed to feel better afterwards, or maybe it was just the bath!!
I'm new here and have not read any other posts yet but I can tell you that after having beagles for the past 35 years and never having that problem, I was finally confronted by it with my male Benny when he was younger and it has lasted into his adult life and he is almost 10. The smell was a mystery at first and then he started with the yelping. After a little research I learned how to express him very well but it might of been a mistake. The little knucklehead waits until I am in bed at night to start scooting around cause he knows I will help him. This goes on every think it got to be a part of his routine and you know how beagles and there routines are!!!
Anal gland problems are most commonly associated with a poor diet. Pop & I have had beagles most of our lives, & "this issue" has never been a problem until our dogs reach "seniour status". Pets need vitamins like humans do & a healthy diet! My nearly 3 yr old Jethro has no problems with this & neither does Pop's 11 yr old Nibbler. My "oldest one ever" did not have a problem until he was 14, (he lived to nearly 16.5 yrs)! As we age, (humans & pets alike), do not absorb/ recieve the full benefit of the nutrients food has to offer. Pets need "healthy fat" like we do & fiber...(even the most expencive dog food does not offer that)! Our beagles get to enjoy home-made "wet-food" with a quality kibble made with wild-game trimmings with some deer & elk fat mixed with cerial like oats & veggies like peas, carrots & even brocholli, etc.(No onions)! And offer them at least one cooked egg once a week.:cool:
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I've never heard of it being a diet problem but I guess anything is possible.

Most groomers are trained in anal gland expression. It's a foul smelling thing and I prefer to leave it up to my groomer to take care of it once a week.
You must remove that impacted poop in the anal sac. That should be very irritable to the dog, that's why the dog is dragging its butt.
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