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I have 2 Beagles a standard tricolor(Sammy) and a Lemon Beagle(Max) Sammy is 6, and Max is 7. I can't say they are easier but they like to hunt together a lot. They still hunt alone also. If one howls though the other has to check it out. I had Sammy about 3 years before I got Max as a rescue dog and the first 3 months there were some fights just to settle who's running the show. I think it ended in a draw because it's been 2 years now and they play together and get along great. I fenced in 4 acres of brush and brush piles using 4 foot high woven wire fence with some gates. I can open my back door and let them out to run and do what they want.They sit on the back steps when they are ready to come in.
I live in WI and it gets cold so they are indoor when they want to be and at night. There is a dog house outside in case we are not home and it rains or they want to warm up. Some times at night (in the house) one gets howling and the other will start also, but for the most part if they get enough exploring during the day they sleep well at night. I like 2 Beagles.
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