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Hello, I'm new to the site. I found it in searching for heartworm prevention for my beagles. I found the excellent article on inexpensive heartworm prevention using Ivomec instead of the more expensive canine preps like Heartgard.

I have a question on the dosage tho. The article says the dosage used is .1 mL (cc) per 10lbs of body weight. The specs for Ivermec state that it is 10mg of Ivermectin per mL and that is a 1% solution. That means that .1 mL/10lbs would be 1 mg of Ivermectin. HOWEVER the recommended dosage of Ivermectin (and the amount in Heartgard) is 27 mcg/10lbs (.027 mg/10lbs).

Unless I am doing the calculation wrong, it appears that the article is recommending about 40 times the recommended dose of Ivermectin (40 x .027 = 1.08).

Please help.

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