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Bacteria? Bad for digestion?

Don't get super crazy about this. It isn't the same for dogs as it is humans.

In my experience.. i've never had a problem. First up, I use freshly thawed chicken and serve it cold. I know some people who run it through warm water to make it smell more meaty, but my dogs don't seem to mind.

I've never had a problem with internal parasites and even when I found out my pup ate something dead (thank you feral neighborhood cats), nothing came of it. She's still right as rain. Something I read once talked about the difference in dog digestion and bacterial tolerance. While humans react adversely to partially decomposed and raw meats, dogs have a measure of tolerance for it.

Keep in mind, when I get a chicken from the super market and it smells off, I take it straight back. Usually a whole cut up chicken will last at least a week so I won't risk it going bad before then.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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