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Beagle 3 months girl Puppy with Urine problems

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Hi everybody,

Maybe somebody can help. My puppy since last night started to urinate very frequently, let say 1 minute and too few, sometimes only two drops.

I take her to the vet, he saw her and phisically all looks good, nothing with the bladder. The urine test goes well too, just a bit alkaline.

Two day ago, I am almost sure drink some soapy water, after that she vomit some times, but everything goes ok then.

Any clue or experience related?

Just a curious comment, she has 19 toes. :cool:

Greetings from Uruguay.
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I am glad you took her to the vet right away and nothing was wrong. My guess is that she piddles when she gets nervous or excited. When I first adopted my beagle Molly, she would have tiny pee accidents if someone frightened her.
Mom2Beagles might be right. The important thing is that the vet says that your puppy is healthy.
Is she still doing that? You might want to watch her and see what triggers the peeing.

I hope it helps.
She is fine now

After I took her to the vet, she continued peeing rarely. I gave her some orange juice and she is ok now. Probably all this was because the soap.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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