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Beagle adoption

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Hi everyone. I am new here. Long story short I am hoping for help in our decision to formally adopt a beagle in need. My daughter and I found the approx. 2 yr old on the side of I-95 on Christmas morning. We were driving from Hilton Head to NJ and hoping to make it for dinner. However, we couldn't leave this guy there, he was dragging one leg behind him and emaciated. We found an emergency vet that would meet us on this cold snowy day, and then an amazing rescue place to take him to to get him care. Since then he has had his leg amputated as it was broken in 3 places and atrophied. He also had a terrible case of heart worms. We have raised money for his care, and have visited him as well as are emotionally attached. Problem is, we live on Hilton Head, close to the beach where fences aren't allowed in the plantations. We also have cats. This sweet guy who is very loveable would have to be on a leash. But he only has three legs. Our biggest worry is our cats. We have always had dogs but I have been told beagles aren't always good with cats. He would be an indoor dog with lots of walks. We also live on the water. Can they swim? Our labs could of course. I want him to have the best of life. Because he has a heart of gold. But I don't want to risk our cats if they aren't good with them and I don't want him to be unhappy without a fenced yard. Any suggestions?
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Have your thought about the invisible fence?
My Beagle is not a fan of the water, but we hike him a lot. We live in a condo and don't have a yard, but I take him hiking and for lots of walks each day and he gets to burn his energy.
As for Cats it all depends if he has been around them before, Badger has never been exposed to them and he howls at them overtime he sees them. We have another Beagle owner however that lives 4 doors down from us and he has 2 cats and a Beagle and the Beagle loves them, however he had been exposed to them when he was a puppy.

Good Luck with your adoption! He sounds very lucky to have found your family :) do you have a name for him?
We have been told invisible fence typically doesn't work with Beagles. We do live on the water so hopefully he won't be drawn to it, especially as he only has three legs now. At For the Love of Dogs, he doesn't seem aggresive to anything or anyone. But you never know. When we found him, alone on Christmas day in the freezing cold hobbling down the highway in the middle of nowhere, we never dreamt of leaving him, but of course I never thought he would become such a part of our lives. Names, none for sure yet but we have tagged him Miles as he was found Miles from nowhere. But not stuck on that yet. He is so so sweet! Our labs have always loved our cats and visa versa. But I also can't terrorize them with a dog that chases them. So we are probably going to give it a try and see what happens.
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It does in some, just depends on the Beagle. Some invisible fence companies also have a 100% money back guarantee if it doesn't work on the dog so that might be worth researching to.

My Boss got it for his dog (not a beagle though) and they started in the house running some test with areas of the house they didn't want her to go then they did training with the dog outside for a few weeks before they recommended letting the dog have the run around the yard.

I think Miles is a great name! Can't wait to see a picture!
First of all, thank you SO much for helping the poor little guy!!!

Most of my experience with beagles and cats have been fine. My first beagle Benny I got as a puppy and had a cat and a ferret at that time - they all were good friends and loved each other. Molly and Vazzy have seen cats at petstores and in the yard and they really don't pay them much attention. If you introduce the new dog and your cats slowly, they will most likely be fine. This ASPCA site has some really good info I have successfully introduced a high prey greyhound to my cat also, it can be done!! Just always make sure the kitty has a safe place to go, and introduce everyone slowly.

As for the fencing, I am personally very much against invisible fencing. Too many hounds get lost or hit by cars. If the beagle only has 3 legs, he would most likely be safest wearing a harness with a zip line from the house to a tree, or pole to pole.

Good luck, I hope you can bring him home :)
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Thank you for all your help. All my cats and dogs have always loved each other very much. But this is my first dog and he is young. I am probably not going to get an invisible fence since my friends Bengal cats (domestic felines) walk right through it. And, I live on the water so I just wouldn't trust it entirely. I am going to bring him home I hope and give it a go. My cat has NO FEAR at all of dogs, would go up to a vicious dog and try to schmooze with him. That is really where I worry because he might not know until it is too late but will do my best. Now, dog food! Recommendations please! I want something good and healthy for him but my vets always recommend something they sell so it seems there could be an alterior motive to the recommendations. I am not they type to feed a raw diet. So, what kind of food and how much for a medium beagle. Can they have nylabones, greenies, etc?

I am also going to try doggie take care at least one or so days a week so he can run like crazy. We live a few hundred yards from the beach. Shame I won't be able to let him run like my labs have been able to. But then, they never went too far because they knew I carried treats in my pocket, lol. I am understanding beagles are different!!!!
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Sorry. Not my first dog, my first SMALL dog of this type of breed :)
I am so glad you are bringing him home!

We were feeding Vazzy Science Diet and it was making her very smelly and her coat was dry and itchy. We switched her Iams naturals and she is doing much better. My beagles like rawhide chew sticks. I have used Greenies before but they got tummy aches.
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