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Beagle alarm clock

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Hello fellow beagle buddies,

I've been having some issues with my beagle and his sleep patterns. He is a hundred percent for sure a rabbit hunting pup( we didnt train him, we got him from a local beagle rescue). For the past few weeks, he has been waking up at numerous times during the night crying until he is let out and refuses to come in( while being on the scent). Is there anyway to get him on a schedule and away from the rabbits? I love him the way he is but I also love a goodnights rest from time to time. Thank you in advanced!
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Can you take him on a leash instead of just letting him out loose? I am always out with my 3 and I tell them to go pee. They know when it is play time and when it is pee time. Try to give him some hunting type activities during the day to help with that natural instinct. I do "kibble search" with my beags, I toss kibble into the yard and let them find it. You can also hide something like a sock or glove with your scent and tell him to "seek". They do tend to settle down once they have a schedule established. One of my beags used to be a hunter and she has chilled out big time over the years.
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