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Badger at times is terrible on the leash. He pulls so hard that sometimes I think my arm is going to pop out of the socket. (for a 28lb Beagle he is strong!!!)

A few weeks ago I started re searching a new harness called the "easy walk" harness. Its a harness that clips at the front of the chest to stop your dog from pulling.

I have a co worker who has a dog and his wife recently purchased one of these harnesses as well and gave a great review with it, so this weekend I decided to get one.

It works fantastic, Badger is still a little unsure when I put it on but he does not pull on the walks! I have only had it a couple days now so I will test it a bit more and see how it works.

For those who are interested I recommend googling "easy walk harness" if you do decide to get one make sure you have the pet shop person take it out of the box and have it fitted property as well before you buy it. Our pet store around the corner I shop at with helped me and he was even nice enough to let me walk Badger around the parking lot with it before I decided on purchasing it.

If anyone else has one or is thinking about getting one let me know your reviews!! :)
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