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Beagle Grounds

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Hi all!

I am currently in the process of looking for/ buying some land to create a field trial grounds for dachshunds, beagles, and bassetts.

I am on the west coast and we will be using cottontail.

Any suggestions you can give me for "rabbit farming" would be very much appreciated.

We are going to high fence it, it is currently a cow pasture, and needs draining in a few spots.

I want to know what to plant (clover? sumac?)

Also what works for your grounds?

Any old books on this? It seems to be word of mouth mostly.

Thank you!
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There's no better way to increae rabbit numbers than with brush piles. There is lots of advice from game agencies on the net. I've used old skids, cut trees, tires, etc. anything they can get under to escape predators.

How many acres are you fencing? If it is currently pasture, it may be too small. But then it depends on the kind of trials you are planning. Brace trials would take less area than "little pack."

What kind of grass is the pasture? Fescue is toxic to rabbits. Here in Michigan, timothy, alfalfa, orchard grass, brome grass and red clover are all popular. You'll need nesting areas, winter foods--berry canes, sumac, and other small shrubs--overhead cover, and escape cover. Old fields reverting to shrubs and brush is excellent habitat.

What kind of equipment do you have: tractors, planters, brush hogs, disk, etc? Disking or spraying alternate strips is a good way to get diversity. Disking brings up dormant weed seeds.

Posting pictures of your property would be helpful.
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