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I have a female blue tick (Marley 20 months) and a AKC male beagle (Lou 3y/o). Marley went into heat (her 3rd) at the end of June. Since this was her third heat we did not try as hard to keep Lou away from her. We never saw them make a tie and the one time we did see them trying to mate, Lou we will just say preferred the thigh not the real deal. Anyhow back on subject. Marley over the last 20-30 days has been lethargic, however, about 72 hours ago she started playing around like she did before her heat. Her nipples have gotten double in size and her vulva has yet to go back to normal size (like before). She is still just as loving and isn't trying to nest. Her appetite has somewhat came back and she never really got "morning sickness". So my question is, has anyone gone through this before? and if so what was your outcome. Plus I am having issues getting into the vet since it seems as if all the vets around here want to go on vacation at the same time.

Please don't tell me I should have fixed my beagles. I have been around beagles my whole life. This is the first time I have ever had male and female at the same time. Plus with the money I spent to have them, I refuse to have them fixed since Lou comes from Champion Blood and Marley is to beautiful not to breed.

Thanks for your time
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