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Okay so I adopted Cookie Monster from the South Central Los Angeles pound about 3 yrs ago, she is a fantastic little girl who loves going to the dog park and beach. She is friendly and loving and just a great little girl. She loves meeting new people and dogs as long as she is off leash However....

Whenever I take her for walks and she has a leash on anytime she see's another dog (unless it's another hound) she goes nuts and starts baying and barking and I just can't control it. I try explaining to other dog owners that she's nice but by then they are already rearing up and pulling their dogs close. She's never bitten anyone but I would love to be able to walk her without having to cross the street when I see another dog.
I've tried a gentle leader, chest harness, chokey type chain (It didn't actually choke it just had a length of chain you could pull on that would make noise by her ear) I get in front of her whenever we see another dog. If we get close enough before she see's them sometimes we can interact peacefully but this is not always possible. I just don't know what to do.
Any thoughts? Ideas, advice???

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I have the same problem every now and then with mine (mostly with husky dogs) I have learned 2 things. 1) A front clip harness (made by easy walk) you can google it instead of clipping on the back it clips on the chest and stopes them from pulling. 2) I carry his favorite treat in my pocket. so when a dog he doesn't like comes by I get his attention with the treat (getting him to smell it) so he is more focused on the treat instead of charging the other dog.

If the problem still persists you can also try a dog trainer, I have had a couple private lessons and it helped me alot in walking badger.
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