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Beagle Nerve

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Have a story about your beagle's nerve? How about sharing it. My first tale involves my ferocious first beagle and our much younger shepherd-collie, who was fully grown and several times the size of my beagle. However, I'll never forget when they were both guarding their prized meat bones from the butcher and one day, my beagle walked right up to the younger dog, stared him in the face as he griped his bone and literally took it from his mouth, walked away, and made it hers!

I was shocked (and happy he didn't kill her lol)

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yesterday, i discovered the beagle nerve. my beagle Toby, after years of not being able to teach him, learned how to sit in 15 minutes. it was like he had a smug look on his face, i swear. after a few minutes of showing him what to do, he does it like a pro now. i just cant believe he held out on me for so long. i never knew just how smart he was.
LOL Maybe he's been playing a game with you for all this time and he decided to give you a break. :}

lol maybe he was testing the limits of your patience...and finally gave in.....I'm sure he had one good laugh behind your back =)
he probably did. but he still makes me work for it. he doesnt do it unless he sees the actual treat in my hand. i can just see the look on his face as he is thinking, "mama didnt raise no fool" haha. he shows off in front of other people too. he will jump up and down in place until i just get frustrated and just give him the treat! too smart for me.
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