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Hi Everyone,

Recently, my 4 year old Beagle, Lilly has become very sick. This is such a shock because it came so suddenly, I cant even begin to explain. One minute Lilly was fine. A couple of hours later, Lilly could hardly move. She wouldnt turn her head, open her mouth, bark, or walk. We would hold food in front of her face and she wouldnt budge. Literally, frozen in place with her eyes open.

We took her to the vet and they thought she was suffering from neck pain. She was placed on a steroid, a pain killer, and an antibiotic. When we started decreasing the doses of steroids, to wean her off as instructed, she went rapidly downhill. Worse than the first episode. The vet thinks that this COULD be associated with Beagle Pain Syndrome. Lilly has not had any tests for this, as it is hard to diagnose, and a lot of time the tests come back inconclusive. So for now, we are continuing the high doeses of steriods. Which seem to be helping.

Has anyone's beagle experienced this? If so, how long should we continue to sterioids for? Is there anything else that would help? Does this eventually go away? How can we make Lilly more comfortable?

Any advice or info on this would be very helpful.

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