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Beagle Pup 9weeks sleeps all the time.

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We just got a new 9 week old puppy. His foster family took care of his momma and litter mates from the time they were born (momma was approx 9 months old when found and malnurished-thin) They were socialized with kids and many other dogs living at the foster moms well as use to being in a crate when they had to leave for a few hours. Wrigley...did not do any of what other said a new pup might do. He didnt cry and whine all night...he actually slept most of the of course...he was handled a lot from our family, kids and neighbors kids the first day or two....he whined 3-4 times all night for short periods. Two of which...we took him out and he went pee...but he quickly went back to his crate and fell asleep. The other two times he whined a bit, but after being petted he fell asleep. He hasnt had much time to rest b/c kids keep picking him up etc. He only manages to stay up about 15 minutes then motions back to go in his crate....just this normal for a new puppy? He seems too least the first day or two..but I worry he is too sleepy...his shivers once in awhile, but not constantly....he just really desires to go to the crate all the time.....He has had two deworms, two distempors, neuter, dew claw removal...still has little stiches...but he doesnt notice them thsi something to be worried about...or should I be grateful he loves his crate and sleeps pretty good....????
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Having a new puppy is always a wonderful occasion for the family and it is no wonder that your new addition to the pack has not had enough rest and/or sleep and it's trying to compensate. I guess there are no worries there as long as its appetite is okay and there are no abnormal symptoms.

Your puppy will surely have no time to get bored for quite a long time.:)
My puppy slept a lot too but not as much as that. Is he drinking water normally? Eating normally? Going to the bathroom normally? If so, give it a couple of weeks, but beyond that, I'd talk to the vet.

Puppies do sleep alot. They are like babies. They get up, pee, stretch and walk, eat and drink, bit of a walk/play and back to sleep for two or three hours.
My puppy slept a lot too but not as much as that. Is he drinking water normally? Eating normally? Going to the bathroom normally? If so, give it a couple of weeks, but beyond that, I'd talk to the vet.
I agree with you there. It may not be a cause for alarm if the puppy goes by its normal routine, but if it has grown quite a bit, and it's still spending a major chunk of its day sleeping, then a visit to the vet is warranted.
How is your puppy doing? I agree with Missy he should be eating, drinking, peeing and pooping OK. He should be growing. If not then you should definitely go to the vet.
Puppy is peppy now

Wow...I posted just a few weeks ago. Wrigley has grown about 2 pounds. He doesnt sleep all day anymore...I think all the activity, new enviornment, hour drive...was just too much for him. I finally made the kids leave him alone and he slept 3 hours...and then he was just fine.

Now...its just the typical puppy stuff. Who are these experts in these books he can train housebreaking in two weeks. We have diligently lead our pup to the same part of the yard after he wakes up, plays, eats, drinks....he is starting to scratch at the door....but only if he is in the room where the door is......if he is in the kitchen...where his food is...he sometimes ends up with a pee accident there...even right after we have taken out...sometimes he just a dribble more left and goes in the kitchen.

Sleeping...he tires around 9pm...but if we dont wake him for a walk at around 10PM he will get up at 4ish in the morning....I am just starting to let him whine it out....he has to get up at a more human reasonable time...6ish.

He is getting better with the nipping...but he is very chewy and nippy..and he hasnt started the teething stage yet...he goes in spurts. My youngest seems to get the brunt of the nippys....he will jump up and try to bite her shorts...he has already torn one pair.....we have been leaving and ignoring him when he behaves this way.....and he then settles down...but he seems to forget at least once a day...and gets crazy with the nips again. I hope this ends soon...
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Badger was very chewy and nippy when we first brought him home but after his teeth came in he stopped. Having lots of chew toys around helped too!
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