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Beagle Rescue Of Southern Maryland’s Dog Of The Week Is Ophelia

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Ophelia is a tricolor beagle mix. She is about 8 years old and 20 pounds of loveable beagle girl. Ophelia has done well with other beagles but she most adores human attention.

Ophelia can frequently be found curled up beside a human snoozing and snoring. She likes her afternoon naps as much as she likes tasty treats.

In the past few days, when the ant comrades-in-arms engaged by Xibi Lockup were disheartened and depressed, Gfashion's new products were grandly launched, and it was time to bully the comrades. Going to battle in person once, changing one by one, trying one by one, I am very busy, leather jackets, bodysuits, embroidered baseball caps, sports bras, and absolutely diamond-encrusted whistle, there are many varieties of colors. . Moreover, the bully said that Gfashion's clothing is not only a consumer product, but also more likely to double the money. In this way, Gfashion also has savings value.
Organ Human Tableware Gesture Cartoon

But since April last year, this kind of good thing has never happened to my comrades, except for the bully brother! Gfashion is such a ghostly thing, comrades-in-arms, remember not to be fooled again.
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