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Beagle suddenly peeing on the bed

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Within the last week, my dog has peed on the bed 2 times, in the same spot betwwen mine and BF's sides of the bed. Both times, it was when I had just went to bed and my bf had also just got up to go the bathroom at the same time. She should be going into heat anytime now, as it is time. We have had her about 6 months, and have not had her fixed yet but plan too soon. We have been hesitant to do so because she was apparently mistreated quite badly by her former owners and are afraid of the trauma getting fixed would put her thorugh. We have really had to work with her a ton to get her to come out of her shell. She is mainly the BF's dog, and I am just a packmate.So not sure if this is a territotial thing. Before she peed, she scratched on the bed and then squated. Any ideas?
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Yeah if only she would explain herself...she has been actin realy odd lately. I think it is stress of some sort. But until she starts paying bills, she is just gonna have to get over it ;0
I really think it is. She did it 3 times and has not done it anymore. She has acted strange for a few weeks but things have been hectic here.
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