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i haven't been on this site for quite some time. Actually since it started. Glad to see it is still going. Way back then I wrote and article titled "Beagles and Birds". It is all about hunting pheasant and other upland birds with a beagle. By the way, I notice that I no long have credit for the article. Isn't a big deal, just would be nice to get the credit for a bunch of free work. A good article takes time and work.

Anyone on this forum interested or experienced with hunting birds with their little howling buddies? I am still at it and just yesterday, as a matter of fact, hunted with my Zeke and a nephew. We ended up with 4 nice roosters, but only shot one. Zeke found 3 cripples that would have otherwise been wasted or gone to the coyotes.

I live in Minnesota and hunting wild pheasants and rabbits is almost extinct in this region because of king corn the last few years, but don't get me started on that. Public hunting areas are so crowded that the last couple of time I went that direction I had other people shoot the rabbits and hares that my hound was trailing. Public land open for trapping is also a worry, knowing that beagles want to stick their noses into every hole that smell good. The hunt I talked about above was, sad to say, on a game farm.

Let me know if there are any other "nuts" like me out there. I just love those little hounds and talking about them.
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