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Beagles, bicycling and more

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Hi.. I recently adopted my first beagle 3 yrs old about a week ago. She is a friendly, well mannered dog and we have been walking a couple times a day. I have noticed when she has free reign of the yard that she started looking for a way out, usually under the fence, but saying NO stops her from digging and she continues on whatever trail that she smells. My only concern there is if she is unattended and not on the 30ft tether I use when I'm not watching her, that she will get out of the yard. Since I have only had her, Molly, for a week is it too soon to put the wire fence back up? Also, would bicycling with Molly be a good idea or should I wait till we have more walks behind us?
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Thanks oldhounddog, Molly is doing pretty good with simple commands, she sits, comes when called most of the time, she is learning stop when we are walking. But, she is slow with down and lay down needs the treat to get her to laydown. She is tethered when I am in the house, but never if I leave the house. Molly is good about letting me know if she is tangled and so I can go out to take care of it. Usually happens when she is smelling after something and she circles something. Not many things to tangle in where I centered the line, but she has managed to find them. We are having lots of fun, she is a real kick. We keep the walks short in this heat, mile at most. Bicycling is way down the road in time, I asked in case there was a definitive no from someone.

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