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I haven't been a beagle owner very long about a year and a half. I know beagles bark alot but how do i stop the excessive barking at people?? she also barks at various things leaves, alarm clocks, road markers and stuffed animals. are all these things normal?? can you suggest things i can do to curve this behaviour??
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Badger discovered his voice right around his one year mark (He is now 1.5 years). I have tried many things but I find it hard to get him to stop without losing my patience. Like Beaglers on the go I find a firm NO or SHHH works also you have to get up and go to where there are barking and claim your space. Right now Badger runs to our front door and barks if her picks up a scent or if the neighbour walks by, each tme he start barking I get up and go to him and claim the space at the front door until he backs down and stays away. The first time I tried it it took me 45 mins to get him to stop now it takes about 10 to 15. I am learning to follow through each time and not give up.
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