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Beagls and Cancer

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I had 2 beagles (Loki and Bruiser) brothers from the same litter. Nearly 2 months ago we lost our Bruiser to cancer at the age of 6 years and 6 weeks. since then I have been going to a dog cancer site that has a lot of people helping each other to deal with this terrible disease. What I have noticed thou is the largest number of any single breed is Beagle.
Am I wrong or does it seem Beagles are at higher risk for this than other dog breeds?:confused: Or am i just seeing it like this because I have a Beagle? You know what I mean if you drive a red chevy truck you tend to notice other chevy trucks especially the red ones?
Any thoughts on this?
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can I ask what the symptoms were the last month of his life? My dog is very ill and we haven't been able to diagnose him yet. We've ruled out alot but Marrow Cancer is one thing we have not been able to rule out yet.
Hi, I'm not sure about the cancer thing either, but our beagle just died from bone marrow cancer. he was 13 years old though, so that's pretty old. he did have eyelid growths/little tumors since he was like 6 though.

his bone marrow cancer didn't have observable adverse affects until the last month of his life. :(
Thank you so much for sharing such a difficult experience with me. I will share with you now....on Jan. 3, 2011, my beagle, Mickey collapsed from anemia. I took him to his vet and his PCV (red blood cell count) was 10. Normal is between 35-50. We were referred to a specialist. Around 3:00 p.m. on Jan. 3rd Mickey had a blood transfusion. My husband, two kids and myself went to visit him this morning. He is doing so much better. His PCV count is now 37. His skin on his belly, inside his ears and his gums are a rosy pink again. He'll be at the hospital for a few more days and I don't know what his long term chances of recovery are but I can tell you that I am praising God tonight that he is okay for now.He is only 8 years old and in very good health with the exception of the anemia. All organs are working and in normal size..he eats, drinks, poops & pees normally. The diagnosis is an autoimmune disease. I really don't know what that means, but I have been told that it is treatable. I really wish to thank you and all of the other people on this site for sharing their experiences. This has been one of the most difficult few days of my life emotionally. We really love and need this little guy in our lives. Thank you again.
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