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Beagls and Cancer

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I had 2 beagles (Loki and Bruiser) brothers from the same litter. Nearly 2 months ago we lost our Bruiser to cancer at the age of 6 years and 6 weeks. since then I have been going to a dog cancer site that has a lot of people helping each other to deal with this terrible disease. What I have noticed thou is the largest number of any single breed is Beagle.
Am I wrong or does it seem Beagles are at higher risk for this than other dog breeds?:confused: Or am i just seeing it like this because I have a Beagle? You know what I mean if you drive a red chevy truck you tend to notice other chevy trucks especially the red ones?
Any thoughts on this?
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I have not heard of beagles being prone to cancer. I'm curious...what type of cancer did you dog have? Someone mentioned vaccinations...i have heard of that too. My vet always vaccinates in a leg so if necessary, it could be amputated if need be.

Does anyone in your household smoke? Pets are very prone to cancer from secondhand smoke.
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