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Behavior Problems in Rescued Laboratory Beagles

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I am really quite interested with behaviors of beagles particularly those that have been rescued from laboratories. This question popped up in my mind when I read the thread on rescued puppies.

Perhaps those who are proud owners of rescued beagles can compare notes here.
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Hi there. I recently began fostering a beagle who is 6 years old and was bred and raised specifically for lab research. Up until 2 weeks ago, she had never been outside the hospital, never stepped on grass, never gone up stairs - everything was a first for her. She has a really sweet disposition and she is really playful - loves other dogs and loves people, although she can be a tiny bit shy at first. She is gradually coming out of her shell. She can now go up stairs, but not down if they are steep. I take her for hikes and it's awesome to see her run full speed in the woods. Her one "problem" is that she is aggressive about her food ONLY toward other dogs. She doesn't care when I take her food or treats, but if another dog gets close, she will get aggressive. So, I'm working on that, as well as getting her used to everyday life in the real world. She's adjusting great so far and she'd make an awesome family pet - especially if she were the only dog (until her food issues can be sorted out). Anyways, it takes a lot of patience, but I'm sure lab beagles can adjust to life outside the lab and make great pets! She is amazing and I wish I could keep her, but I have another dog :-/
If anyone is interested in adopting her or knows someone who might be, definitely let me know :D Her name is Crash bc she used to crash into everything when she was little...aww lol :)
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