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Behavior Problems in Rescued Laboratory Beagles

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I am really quite interested with behaviors of beagles particularly those that have been rescued from laboratories. This question popped up in my mind when I read the thread on rescued puppies.

Perhaps those who are proud owners of rescued beagles can compare notes here.
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i wish i could take one of those dogs. it breaks my heart that a dog has no idea what its like to run around and be a real dog. i live out in the country and they would have so much space they wouldnt know what to do with themselves. i hope they recover from their horrible pasts.
i had a big lab that was the same way. it was a lot more dangerous to have him because he was half wolf and my dad took him from an old lady who had been feeding him for weeks out at her farm but she couldnt keep him around. he was so afraid of people that my dad had to catch him in a trap. my dad spent months with that dog, socializing him with other animals and himself for hours everyday. he worked 12 hour days at his job back then too so it was a labor of love. after having love forced on him whether he wanted it or not from my dad made that dog form an amazing bond with my dad. it got to the point were my dad could reach down and take food out of that dog's mouth (and he is WOLF too). what really amazed me was one day my cousin went missing and we found that little girl in the middle of the forest behind our house, and that big wolf/lab was wrapped around her and he had bite marks all over his body but that baby was untouched, but only a little scared of the "bad doggies" that were being mean to her. that dog was an amazing animal after he felt the strong love that all owners have for their dogs.
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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