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Behavior Problems in Rescued Laboratory Beagles

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I am really quite interested with behaviors of beagles particularly those that have been rescued from laboratories. This question popped up in my mind when I read the thread on rescued puppies.

Perhaps those who are proud owners of rescued beagles can compare notes here.
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I have three rescued Beagles. The first was 10 weeks from a pet shop/puppy mill. He was easy as he was so young, though I walked into the shop where the original owner bought him and he cowered and wouldn't even take a treat from them. The next came from our local animal control and was clearly abused. She wouldn't go near my husband for a month, and ducked when he tried to pet her. She wasn't housebroken at 3 yrs., and didn't know toys, bones, or how to play. We were patient and kind, spoke in high soft tones. She is now my husband's shadow, just adores him. Plays with the other two males and lords it over them a bit. She is currently sitting on a window seat waiting for my husband to come home from his volunteer job. The third dog came from a Beagle rescue group as a foster. He was a foster failure. He lived with a family and though they said he was hyperactive, he is not. Just a great, loving little guy. All three dogs are therapy dogs at the local VA. You can imagine when we walk in with a pack of 3. The vets love them and several say they are their favorite visitors. Patience and kindness are the key to rescue dogs, and remember most all dogs live in the now. Something to be learned from them.
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