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Hi all newbie here and I don't understand some things my beagle is doing. He's about 11yrs old and we've had him for about 4 or 5yrs now and he's been acting strange. He doesn't want to go outside much only to do his business or if we take him for a walk. He sometimes does his business on our back deck b/c he doesn't want to go in the grass (which is not treated for anything) especially if it's wet from rain or to tall. Also sometimes he pees in the house or gets in the garbage if we don't take him with us when we leave, we can't take him every where with us especially if it's hot. I take him for walks as much as I can which is maybe 1-2 times a week (been a busy summer). Any help would be great, thanks, Jean
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Has he been to the vet for a check recently? He is a senior now and could have some arthritis issues or something else going on. The hot and humid weather makes my seniors a bit sore.

If you are interested, there is a site that is a bit busier than this one:
Hi I have an 18 month old beagle his brother lives next door they have been together everyday since birth but now for no reason have decided to attack each other don't no why can anybody help pls ?
Maybe he lacked potty training when he was young; and it seems to be too late for another I suggest you to take him out and let him do his business out there.
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