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Hello all, I hope I am posting this in the right place - sorry if I placed it in the wrong place. I just recently purchased a 5 month old female Beagle pup. I've always loved the beagle breed and wanted to have one of my own. I've also been doing some hunting and wanted to get a little more involved with hunting and thought a Beagle might be a good starter hunting dog. We've had a Beagle in the family before, but this is my first personal Beagle. So far her nose has been to the ground a lot, hoping this is a good sign. I've been taking her to one of my fishing spots just to get out and explore some and she sniffs RIGHT up to bird poop, feathers, and dead bait - again, hoping this is a good sign. I want to get her started on tracking some game I plan to hunt, most notably right now would be rabbit. I was wondering if anybody had any preferences on what Rabbit scent is the best to use in the early training stages? I do have a cousin that I can probably talk into bringing me some dead rabbits, or rabbit's feet but it will probably be around Christmas time before I see him (assuming I don't have a chance to go hunting before then). I'm hoping to get started before that, so any recommendations or experiences would help greatly!

Thanks in advance
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