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Breed Composition Question

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Hello Beagle Lovers,

I am considering adopting a six-month old male beagle from a local rescue shelter and have a question regarding the breed of the puppy before proceeding with the adoption. Based on the narrow research I have conducted, the colors and patterns of a beagle's coat tend to change as the animal matures, so it's quite possible that the puppy will develop into a healthy and colorful creature. At this stage, however, he is mostly white, with exception of black and tan patches.

I realize it's challenging to determine breed composition through appearance alone, but I have nonetheless attached a couple of photographs of the puppy. Does this adorable creature appear to be a purebred, or is it likely that he is a mixed breed?

Thanks in advance!


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The pup has strong beagle features. He could be 100% beagle, but my guess is a mix with a Jack Russell, somewhere in his lineage.
With the pup now at 6 months, I doubt that you'll see any change in color or marking pattern.
I agree with lynn. That is probably not a purebred Beagle (even thought he seems like a wonderful adoption candidate). The head (width and nose) isn't really the Beagle shape. I'm not so much thinking that the color is proof of an extra breed: I've seen a lot of Beagles with excess white - In the AKC classification it is called 'open markings'. But, when the head doesn't resemble the typical Beagle AND the head size doesn't seem to fit the body..... It's probably another breed. I also agree with Lynn on her guess of Jack Russel. I've seen several unscrupulous breeders sneak small breeds into their breeding program to downsize their dogs. You know the thing about "A Beagle has to be 15" or less". That makes breeders with larger Beagles do stupid things. The most common interbreeds are Basset, Jack Russel, Dachshund, and (I kid you not) Chihuahua ! Good Luck. ps. I do know that I'm coming into this thread REALLY late... but I think it's important to call a spade a spade ( or in this case: a Jack Russel x Beagle ).
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I'm not expert as I only see the beagle face and body on that cute boy, hope you really end up together and living happily. When we got Wish at 10 months old, he never really had changes in coat so probably, what he looks like on that pic is actually he's coat color for the rest of his life.
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