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My name is Kim Baughman and I live in Anchorage Alaska. I have a bitch that I would like to breed. My problem is finding a suitable stud. While my Beagle has not been shown most all of her lineage has championed. I am hoping someone can help me find a local stud. "Man in a Can" is an option but cost is a factor also. I am a responsible breeder and just want one litter from my Bitch. The demand for Beagles in Anchorage is high so I know I can place the puppies in a good home. I might even keep another one for me. If you can help please let me know.

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There are some beagle kennels you can borrow a "stud". You need to consider what kind of puppies you want. Do you want puppies that could be shown or pets? Are you going to want your puppies bred in the future or are you going to insist that they are fixed when you sell them? You don't want to be the starter of a bunch of beagles bred out of control all over your area.
What are the strengths and weaknesses of your female? You would want to make sure that the stud does not have the same weaknessess. THe same weaknesses may result in unhealthy puppies (when they are young or when they are older).
There are lots of things to consider. There are some books that go into this in more detail. Hopefully this helps.
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